Monday, July 28, 2008

10 signs that the End of Democracy is near

From Wikipedia

Continuity of Operations Plan refers to the preparations and institutions maintained by the United States government, providing survival of government operations in the case of catastrophic events. A Continuity of Operations Plan (or Continuity of Government Plan) has been a part of government operations since at least the Cold War, when President Dwight D. Eisenhower provided by executive order various measures which were supposed to ensure that the government of the United States would be able to continue in case of nuclear war.

Today, the threat of a massive nuclear attack on the U.S. seems remote, and most of the reasons some once had for worry about the Continuity of Government plan have abated; however, many still do, because nuclear war is not the only reason that the so-called "unitary executive" may see fit to implement the COOP, and the ability to convert a great republic into an effective military dictatorship at the drop of a hat is a thing to be feared.

Evidence that preparations are under way to impose Martial Law.

Here are 10 reasons to be very afraid of what the US Government is planning.

1. NSPD 51 - National Security Directive NSPD 51 gives George Bush dictatorial powers.

2. Under the guise of urban warfare training the 26th Expeditionary Unit an elite group of U.S. Marines conducted a martial law training exercise at 26 "surrendered" locations in central Indiana from June 4th thru the 17th.

3. Congressman Olver declares that if the Democrats attempt to impeach Bush he will:
- Bomb Iran
- Declare Martial Law
- Suspend the 2008 elections.

4. Homeland Security Committee is denied access to the Continuity of Government Plan.

5. "Continuity of Operations" plan has a dry run in Iowa. Undocumented workers at an Iowa meatpacking plant are its victims.

Moreover, the agency is now diverting to this offensive resources earmarked for other purposes such as disaster relief. Wondering where the 23 trailers came from that were used in the Iowa "fast-tracking" operation? "In FY07, one of ICE's key accomplishments was the Mobile Continuity of Operations Emergency Response Pilot Project, which entails the deployment of a fleet of trailers outfitted with emergency supplies, pre-positioned at ICE locations nationwide for ready deployment in the event of a nearby emergency situation"

Here is a how a court interpreter who witnessed the incarceration and the "trials" of the undocumented workers described the process:

Well, the plant was stormed by what is really a paramilitary force of hundreds of agents. And they brought the detainees to the National Cattle Congress that had been prepared as a detention center. The security there was high security.

Well, it was a unique experience for me in my twenty-three years as a federal interpreter. It started with waiting around in the courtroom until they started bringing in the defendants, and they were shackled at the waist, wrists and feet and coming in in rows of ten. Then they sat down to be arraigned. And one of the first things that struck me is that there didn’t seem to be a presumption of innocence. The presumption of innocence became kind of like empty words, because they were shackled. They were on an immigration detainer, so they didn’t have any right to bail, like normally defendants would. And so, that’s how it started.

It was a very long process that lasted two weeks. And as I went along, day after day, there was a new irregularity in the process. And eventually, I guess, there was an irregularity at every step, I would say, comparing this process, these fast-tracking judicial proceedings, with the judicial proceedings that I’ve watched in federal court over twenty-three years of professional practice.

6. Ongoing tests are taking place in Washington. This is from an article in the Washington Post from 2006.

On Monday, June 19, about 4,000 government workers representing more than 50 federal agencies from the State Department to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission will say goodbye to their families and set off for dozens of classified emergency facilities stretching from the Maryland and Virginia suburbs to the foothills of the Alleghenies. They will take to the bunkers in an "evacuation" that my sources describe as the largest "continuity of government" exercise ever conducted, a drill intended to prepare the U.S. government for an event even more catastrophic than the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

7. "Terrorist Watch List" grows to over 1 million people.

Are you an activist, an author, a journalist, a patriot, or maybe a scholar who speaks out his or her mind in the defense of democracy? If you are, then, the chance of having your boarding pass stamped with the ominous symbol of “SSSS” on your next flight from the United States is very high.

SSSS stands for “selectee for enhanced security screening.” That means that Home Land Security and TSA have labeled you as a US citizen-security risk, and used your tax money to transform themselves into your dictators.

8. Oliver North Questioned - Rex 84 Exposed During Iran Contra

Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, was a plan by the United States federal government to test their ability to detain large numbers of American citizens in case of massive civil unrest or national emergency. Exercises similar to Rex 84 happen periodically. Plans for roundups of persons in the United States in times of crisis are constructed during periods of increased political repression such as the Palmer Raids and the McCarthy Era. For example, from 1967 to 1971 the FBI kept a list of persons to be rounded up as subversive, dubbed the "ADEX" list.

9. Halliburton is building "immigration detention centers" in US.

KBR would build the centers for the Homeland Security Department for an unexpected influx of immigrants, to house people in the event of a natural disaster or for new programs that require additional detention space, company executives said.

10. Black military helicopters have been spotted recently buzzing around downtown Denver. The official explanation is that this is some sort of anti-terrorist training exercise.


Gilbert Mercier said...

Great post, thanks.

Frank Hope said...

Thanks for taking the time to look at it. I know it's a lot of material. The thing that ties it all together is the secret Continuity of Government plans that could turn the US into a dictatorship overnight.

Todash19 said...

Excellent post, Frank.

I have shared this far and wide, and read through it three times now.
Spot on.

Frank Hope said...

Thanks todash. The thing that triggered me to post this was the description of the trials of the "illegal aliens" in Postville, Iowa. I realized that not only was there a plan, but that it was actually being carried out.

As always, an initial scapegoat is chosen that will not arouse public suspicion or sympathy. Think of the Jews in Nazi Germany, or the Communists before the McCarthy committee.

The next phase is to expand into "terrorists", and then anyone who opposes the government.

Frank Hope said...

I had to update some of the videos. YouTube yanked 2 of the videos I linked to. Supposedly because "This video has been removed due to terms of use violation." Which makes no sense at all because:
1. These were not commercial videos. One was the CSPAN video about NSPD 51, and the other was the video about Congressman Olver.
2. I found the exact same videos by searching YouTube that some other user had uploaded.

Notice that both of those videos had strong content amount the possibility of Martial Law. So were they pulled for political reasons?

I also had to replace the video about the Black Helicopters over Denver. The link I had was gone. It was video from a Denver newscast. I got a different video that also shows the helicopter and citizen reaction. I don't think it's as powerful as the other one, but you get the idea.

David (Dragon) Fiedler said...

I suggest downloading your videos in case they are pulled again, as they constitute valuable evidence.