Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gaza - Stop the Killings!

Once again Israel is killing innocent civilians in Gaza in a genocidal campaign. This time there seems to be a world wide reaction in opposition to Israel's bloody policy. The internet has changed the dynamic. Israel can no longer hide behind the MSM in the US. A recent study showed that the internet is now more popular than newspapers as a source of news.

Of course the people in the US that still use TV as their main source of news will get the skewed MSM version of events that will no doubt place full blame on Hamas for Israel's actions. But internationally I don't think that Israel can count on its usual support from the media. AlJazeera has a major role to play in this. I have been very impressed by the English version of AlJazeera. It is painted as a propaganda tool by the US media, but I have found it to be very objective. If anything, at times I have been disappointed that it hasn't taken a more pro-Palestinian view.

The strength of AlJazeera is in providing images that are not shown in the US MSM. While US TV is quick to show the victims of the latest suicide bomber in Israel, it will never show the Palestinian victims of Israeli military. Here is the latest report on Gaza from AlJazeera.

It's truly amazing that AlJazeera is able to transmit these images given the Israeli siege of Gaza. I can only guess that the video was uplinked by satellite from within Gaza. Imagine being a reporter for AlJazeera inside Gaza while Israel is conducting bombing campaigns. We know that military forces in Israel have targeted journalists in the past, so these unsung heroes deserve our highest praise and thanks for the job they are doing revealing the truth to the world.

Videos like this bring home the reality of the situation in Gaza. Without these images, Israel's propaganda spinmasters can portray their brutal campaign in any way they like. But after witnessing the magnitude and force of the bombs dropped on Gaza, it becomes irrefutably clear that Israel has committed a War Crime. The Palestinians are absolutely defenseless against the F-16s used by Israel to attack them. At the same time they are confined by the Israeli siege and have no place to go for safety. How can anyone justify this heinous act of violence?

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Anonymous said...

Just goes to show that because some narrow minded people stereotype all muslims as terrorists (without relising that suicide is the biggest commitable sin in Islam) and because of that think it is ok to bomb schools full of innocent children whenever they please. Imagine now that this was an Arab country bombing Israel, all Americans would stand up and declare that action is taken. It is not right for people to become numbed to suffering in the east.

Just goes to show doesn't it...