Monday, June 29, 2009

URGENT ALERT - Israeli Navy surrounding Free Gaza ship and threatening to open fire

Here is the latest news from the "Spirit of Humanity".
At 1:40 am, the Israeli Navy surrounded the SPIRIT while in international waters off the coast of Israel as it is on its way to the Gaza Strip. We got a call from the boat saying that they were being threatened, told to turn back or they would be fired on.

Huwaida Arraf, one of the delegation leaders, was on the phone with the Israeli gunboats, and we could hear her saying, "You Cannot Open Fire on Unarmed Civilians" several times. At this writing, they are surrounded by several ships shining bright lights into the SPIRIT.
Cynthia McKinney who is aboard Spirit had this to say.
"I am extremely angry. We demand that the Israeli government call off their attack dogs. We are unarmed civilians aboard an unarmed boat delivering medical and reconstruction aid to other human beings in Gaza. Why in God's name would Israel want to attack us and threaten our safety and welfare. I call on President Obama and the international community to intervene now to prevent this situation from escalating with potentially drastic results to the civilians on board." 
The latest updated news is available at

They also have a twitter account which they have been updating regularly.

In addition their is a webpage where you can see an updated position of the "Spirit of Humanity" on a map. 

Here is a video of the "Spirit of Humanity" preparing to depart for Gaza.


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