Monday, October 12, 2009

If only Obama knew...

Just a quick blog to point out why I call my blog "Future news today". Back in June 2008, even before the election of Barack Obama, I had this to say.
Uncle George is watching. And soon it will be Uncle Barack. Just like in the Soviet Union we will be saying "if only Uncle Barry knew"? Guess what? He knows and he doesn't give a damn about you.
And now, just this past weekend on Bill Moyer's show, distinguished economist Simon Johnson had this response.
BILL MOYERS: Does President Obama get it?

MARCY KAPTUR: I don't think President Obama has the right people around him. The poor man inherited a total mess, globally and domestically. I think some of the people that he trusted haven't delivered. I urge him to get new generals. It's time.

SIMON JOHNSON: Louis the Fourteenth of France, a very powerful monarch, was famous for having many bad things, you know, happen under his rule. And people would always say, 'If only Louis the Fourteenth knew. I'm sure he doesn't know. If we could just tell him, he'd sort it out.' You know. I'm skeptical.
Did I call it or what? Personally Simon, I'm way beyond skeptical. I'm downright cynical and have been for a long time.

And I want to say that I think Marcy Kaptur is a great fighter for the people of Ohio and the country in general. But if she is putting her faith in Obama to lead the charge for social justice, then she is bound to be disappointed.

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