Thursday, February 4, 2010

China - Made in America

China is making headlines recently - and it's not good news. Here are a few of the stories making headlines in the past month.
  • Avatar pulled from the movie screens in China.
  • Google accuses China of spying on US companies.
  • China criticizes US over military aid to Taiwan.
  • US criticizes China for undervaluing it's currency.
  • China demands that Obama not meet the Dalai Lama.
Increasingly it seems that the US and China are at odds. But are they really? Regular readers of Future News Today (FNT) will know the answer to that.

Today's China was made in America. What do I mean by that? Starting with the Nixon administration, the US policy has been to strengthen China economically. This coincided with the death of Mao and the rise of a new more pragmatic leadership within the Chinese Communist Party. To be sure, the CIA had a hand in making sure that the right Chinese leaders were put in place that would favor liberalization of the economy.

It was easy really. Mao had made a total mess of the country.  China was poor and needed Western money to develop. The Rockefeller dominated White House guaranteed that money on the condition that the candidates they favored would rise to power in China. The Communist Party elite quickly realized that they could profit enormously from this arrangement.

In some ways this was the usual dirty politics, except on a global scale. The same thing happens in every town and city in the world. Some developers come in with a proposal, but they need cooperation from the city council in the form of a new road. Certain key politicians are made partners in the deal and in exchange they make sure the road is built. And as a result the developers and the politicians become fabulously wealthy. Now multiply that by a factor of a trillion and you have the basic picture of what happened in China at the end of the 20th century.

And there was one more thing that the Western Elite and China's Elite could agree on - the Communist Party would remain in power. Democracy was never part of the plan. Human rights were never part of the plan. Building a sizeable Chinese middle class was never part of the plan. Totalitarianism was always the plan.

This fit in perfectly with the Elite's larger plan. They wanted to take down the United States - specifically the US middle class. It had gotten too big and too powerful and did not suit their purposes any longer. For many years the model of a large middle class was touted as the basis for a strong economy that would provide continued technological progress - but no more.

The new model was one of a small Elite separated by a huge and almost insurmountable gulf from the poor masses. There would still be a sort of middle class, but greatly reduced in size. And political power would be concentrated in the hands of the Elite. Gradually, the US would shift towards a Totalitarian model - the same one adopted by China.

In fact China would be at the vanguard. In China, the Global Elite would create their model for the future and from there it would be exported around the world. The Chinese Communist Party was the perfect tool for this purpose. It already had complete control over the country. This was Mao's legacy, and David Rockefeller wholly approved. After visiting China in 1973, he had this to say.
"The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao's leadership is one of the most important and successful in history."
Slowly but surely the Global Elite chipped away at the US middle class by dismantling the unions. Slowly but surely the rights of Americans were stripped away by associating freedom with vulnerability to terrorism. Meanwhile the power of the government was eroded by selling the idea that "free markets" were more important than "free men".

Even the environmental movement was co-opted through the Global Warming agenda. Once again, the goal of the Elite was to destroy the power of the American middle class. It should be no surprise then that American middle class is seen as the main enemy in the Global Warming diatribe.

And China was setup to be the main beneficiary of the fall of the US. American wealth poured into China to build factories. China's banks were turned into the world's largest. China's oil companies suddenly became the world's most powerful.

China became the Elite's proxy state to force the US to surrender power. The Elite knew that if they tried to take over power directly in the United States, that they would face strong opposition. But by creating a proxy in China, they were able to divert attention from themselves. And it worked perfectly.

Meanwhile America was weakened from within. Huge deficits were created as a result of useless wars being fought in the Middle East. Rather than reinvesting America's wealth as had been done throughout its history, that wealth was squandered.

Consumers were also encouraged to build up huge debts as a housing bubble was deliberately created by the sustained low interest rate policy of the Greenspan Federal Reserve. And at the same time, an enormous trade deficit with China was encouraged to grow through government policies. This trade deficit was sustained by the selling of billions of dollars worth of US Treasury Bonds to China.

And then in September 2008, the bubble was deliberately burst. In the ensuing panic, the American government was forced to hand over hundreds of billions of dollars to the bankers. And as a result the US budget deficit grew even larger.

Just a month earlier on 8/8/8 (August 8, 2008) China celebrated its "coming out party" - the Beijing Olympics. We were told that it would encourage China to shift towards democracy and human rights, but did it? Not surprisingly, the answer is no - just as China's entry into the WTO did not enhance democracy. In fact China's Communist Party has a firmer grip on power than ever.

Which brings us to the present. As China flexes its muscles, one should remember who gave China this extraordinary power - it was the Global Elite. And the same Global Elite is continuing to do everything in its power to destroy the United States.

Is it too late? No, but time is running out. China is still a relatively poor and backwards country which would collapse without constant stimulus from the outside. And China does not have the military strength to back up its demands. A determined US could still influence China to shift towards openness and democracy so that all Chinese could benefit from its riches and not just the powerful few.

If you judge by outward appearances, it would seem that the US is heading for a collision course with China. But this all depends by what you mean by the US. If you mean the US government, then you would be wrong. But if you mean the US middle class, then you would be more or less correct. In fact if things continue on their present course, then the US middle class will be crushed between the US government and China. And if this happens, then we can say goodbye to the global experiment in freedom and democracy that began in 1776.

The trick is not to be fooled. The American people have finally woken up to the deception of the bankers and have learned not to trust them as a result of the Great Bailout of '08. But we have still not woken up to the way in which the bankers are colluding with China to destroy the American way of life.

This is a war. It is not a war fought with bullets and bombs, but a war fought with trade and currencies. It is a financial war. And there are many traitors in our midsts. Many have already made fabulous profits by selling out the US. And many are expecting to make much more by betting that the US will be the loser in this battle.

If the US is to win this battle, then it must rebuild its industries. It cannot do this under the current restrictions imposed by the WTO. The US must withdraw from the WTO. I see no other choice. Once it has withdrawn, then it can make appropriate trade agreements with other countries.

These new trade agreements must be fair. They must not be dictated by the interests of the multi-national companies, but by the interests of the people of the countries of the world.

Yes we are living in a globalized world and nothing is going to change that, but we must find a way to create a global community that respects the sovereignty of countries. Otherwise we will end up in a de facto global dictatorship.

This is what we are fighting against. And as the US goes, so goes the world.

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AmericanGoy said...

That is a pretty chilling vision, although I do not think it is so by design.

As the elites get more greedy, or perhaps more afraid for their place at the top, and see the ever growing population and ever shrinking natural resource pool, steps are taken to make their positions safer... while the rest of us schmucks can go take a flying $%^$%#$%!

Frank Hope said...

Hi AG. I haven't heard from you in a while. How are things going? I've been pretty quiet myself lately. It's not as if their haven't been things going on. I just seem to have switched into listening mode rather than talking mode.

Pretty much this "vision" is my thesis. It sort of came to me as I was contemplating the 2008 bailout, which more and more feels like a coup d'état to me. Suddenly I had an epiphany that this was being done deliberately to transfer power to China. It was as you say "chilling".

At that point I had to try to understand why this was being done. If you look at my other posts on this subject which are listed under "related posts" you can see how I gradually developed a reason for this, from the point of view of the Elite.

I have to confess that I first approached this from a nationalistic point of view as an American. But now I realize that this is really a global issue. The Elite do not differentiate themselves by nationality.

I can understand how you would say that this is not by "design". I would partially agree with that. Some things occur through synergy such as the environmental groups backing the Global Warming agenda. But I do believe there is a central plan and high level policies are steered in the direction that is desired. The decision by the US to allow China into the WTO is an example of this.

And then there are also some elements within the Elites that do not go along with this plan. As well as the danger that China's Elite may decide to challenge the Western Elites. So despite the Grand Plan, things could go terribly wrong. Take a look at Hitler and Stalin as examples of some of the Elite's partners that got out of control.

But right now it seems that things are on track for the Global Elite and that they have a consensus and are working together. This next phase will be quite delicate as austerity plans are put in place in nations around the world. Right now we have Iceland and Greece being forced into submission.

The United States' turn is coming up. Soon we'll be asked by Saint Obama to "sacrifice" for the sake of a reduced deficit. We'll be threatened by the dire consequences if we don't, just as we were when it came to the bailout in 2008. And most people will probably go along.

As a final comment, I want to say that I think my post on Avatar is actually related to this Elitist agenda. In my last comment in that post I mention that I believe Avatar is a propaganda film in favor of Transhumanism. I believe that technology has gotten to the point where the Elite no longer feel the need for a mass army of subjects - whether they happen to be slaves or capitalist style "free" men. We are at the dawn of a new technology age which will allow the Elite to become literally a race of supermen!

Now that's "chilling"!