Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Give me $700 Billion or I'll Shoot the Economy

Congress has been handed a ransom note from the Wall St. Bankers that have kidnapped the economy. "Hurricane Hank" Paulson has revealed his true identity as the Godfather of the Gang and has presented the Economic Terrorist's demands on National TV. He is demanding that $700 Billion be handed over immediately, and also immunity from prosecution for his fellow Criminal Conspirators. If his demands are not met, he is threatening a Global Economic Disaster. He claims that a Terrorist Cell has planted a Dirty Bomb in Wall St that is capable of contaminating the Whole Planet.

The American People, in disarray, are scrambling to come up with the Cash to appease the Criminal Conspiracy. Many are in shock because after handing over the Constitution to the same Terrorists just 7 years ago, they had been promised the end of the Blackmail. The Terrorists had promised them Security in exchange for their Rights, but now comes this new threat to their Economic Security.

Congress, sadly, has long ago sold out to these Economic Terrorists and has quickly capitulated to all their demands. In order not to reveal their Complicity in the Crimes, they put on a show of struggling against the Terrorists. But the True Patriots have seen through their masks long ago. As they struggle to put "lipstick on a pig", they risk being exposed to the American People as the true villains that they are.

The Main Stream Media in their designated roles of cheerleaders for the Criminal Conspiracy try to convince the American People through their Propaganda that this is in their best interest. They try to calm the Angry Mob gathering with pitchforks and torches. Cries of "tar and feather" and worse emerge from the Angry Crowd.

Meanwhile the Cabal plans its next move in the Coup D'état. The first stage was the Stealing of the Elections in 2000. The next stage was the False Flag attack on the Twin Towers. This was followed by the Burning of the Constitution through the Patriot Act. This enabled the construction of a Police State to insure that any protests during the current stage of the Coup could be quickly and brutally dealt with.

Will the elections in November be suspended? Will Bush declare Emergency Powers and appoint himself Dictator? Will the American People rise up and take matters into their own hands? Wake Up and watch the next episode of "It's Your Life" to find out.


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