Thursday, November 19, 2009

Time's up for Tim Geithner

The way I see it at this point Timothy Geithner has two choices - either he can resign or be fired. Congress is gunning for him and eventually Obama will be forced to offer him up as a sacrifice. Of course his friends over at Goldman Sachs will do everything in their power to weather this storm. Bernanke, too, must be sweating knowing that he's next to be brought up before the congressional firing line. And Larry Summers has been hiding out of sight - maybe in one of Cheney's old bunkers.

Today Tim Geithner was asked point blank to resign by Representative Kevin Brady of (R-Texas).

Yesterday Representative Peter DeFazio (D-Oregon) called for Obama to axe Geithner. DeFazio is one of the good guys in Congress. He's clearly lost his patience with Geithner's machinations in favor of Wall Street and to the detriment of Main Street.

The chorus of boos for Geithner is growing. This comes in the aftermath of new revelations from SIGTARP Neil Barofsky regarding Tim's handling of the AIG bailout as President of the New York Federal Reserve Bank.

My advise to Tim, watch your back. That knife in the dorsal area may come from someone that you least suspect. Think you've got friends watching out for you? Think again. They'll throw you to the lions to save their hides in a New York Wall Street minute.

Maybe this episode will blow over like previous criticisms of Geithner. Maybe Obama will "stand by his [Gold]man" like he has in the past. But Geithner is increasingly being maneuvered into a corner. And there are growing calls for him to be sacrificed to the populist lions.

Want some more advice Tim? Better to go quietly. If you attempt to take down some of your former friends with you, it could end up very badly for you. Yeah, watch your back and go quietly. That's always good advice to someone who is involved up to his neck in a criminal conspiracy that is about to be publicly exposed.

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[UPDATE - NOV 19 2:30 PM]

I was reviewing my previous posts on Tim Geithner. The list above is just a smattering. You can get a full list by using Google to search my blog for Geithner. I just want to highlight one post because it emphasizes the extent to which Geithner is involved in what I believe is a conspiracy to destroy the United States economically and to transfer power to China. This should be especially apparent now in the wake of President Obama's trip to China to ritually pass the baton of world leadership over to the Chinese government. I understand this sort of conspiratorial thinking is not everybody's cup of tea. But I think it is worth considering in light of the catastrophic events of the past year. I wrote this back in March 2009 as part of an article titled "The US Civil War in reverse - fight the new slavery!".
I highlighted that group [G30 members] because the Governor of the People's Bank of China, Zhou Xiaochuan, had become a member in 2005. It's very interesting that out of that group of 28 people, three have become key members of Obama's economic team.
  • Timothy Geitner is the new Treasury Secretary.
  • Lawrence Summers is the chairman of the National Economic Council.
  • Paul Volcker is the chair of the newly formed Economic Recovery Advisory Board.
Again, the test of a theory is in its ability to make accurate predictions. It's clear to me that the actions of Zhou Xiaochuan are coordinated with those of Tim Geithner. While they may pretend to be at odds, as in when Geithner seemed to threaten China with the label of "currency manipulator", they are actually engaging in a coordinated action. They had 3 years together as members of the G30 to come up with their plans. And don't try to look for any notes from the meetings because the G30 is a highly secretive organization which does not provide the public with insight into its private discussions.

The reason that the International Bankers appointed Geithner to be Obama's Treasury Secretary was not because of his great public speaking abilities - he has none. Or his ability to sell the new economic plan to the American public - he's a lousy salesman. The reason he was appointed is because he is an insider. He is someone who has proved he can be trusted to follow orders and not go off on his own. But just in case Geithner gets any wild ideas the International Bankers have insisted on placing in the position of Geithner's chief of staff another one of their own to keep an eye on him. I'm referring here to the controversial appointment of the Goldman Sachs ex-lobbyist Mark Patterson.

It's left to Obama himself to be the chief salesman and head cheerleader for the economic plan. Even Bernanke has been drafted to help in the cheerleading as seen in his 60 minutes performance. That's how bad Geithner is at handling the public spotlight. Again, he wasn't chosen for his sales ability. He was chosen for his proven allegiance to the International Bankers. He has been working for their cause as President of the New York Fed for years. He never challenged them or spilled the beans on their dubious investment schemes. He participated in planning the Paulson bailout, particularly with regards to the shady dealings involving AIG. He's part of the clan. His hands are dirty. If they go down, he knows that he'll go down with them. In a word, Geithner has been "initiated".

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Alex said...

Do you know the actual reason why Timothy Geithner is no longer a member of G30? Already in May 2009 he was hosting the G30 meeting as a non-member. In March his scandal broke out, so I can only guess that it was too risky to keep him in the G30, and also don't forget that the AIG chairperson Jacob Frenkel is chairman of the G30. Did you know that he is now also chairman of JP Morgan? Anyway, I can't find any news (obviously) on when and why Geithner quit the G30 (or was kicked off), but it does make sense why he would. I just want to know for sure...