Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Visit updated post: "Ich bin ein Palestinian"

I don't have a new post today, but I have updated a previous post from May 2008 titled "Ich bin ein Palestinian" - "I am a Palestinian". I think all of us who care about the future of humanity can echo these words today. I have taken the liberty to revise the famous speech by JFK at the Berlin Wall at the height of the Cold War. I do it with all respect to the memory of President Kennedy.

For those Redditors that follow my webpage, I just want to say thank you. And I apologize for not putting a Reddit button on my site, similar to the Digg button. I have tried, but the button was not working properly. The problem was that it was not linking to the Reddit page. I'll give it another shot this weekend.

I do want to add that Reddit is many times more powerful than Digg. I can see this from the statistics returned from my blog. The most hits I ever got in a day from Digg was 1,000. With Reddit I have received as many as 5,000 hits in one day. Once the assault on Gaza has ended, I plan to write an article on this subject. For now, all my attention is focused on Gaza.

I've started writing an article on the complicity of Fatah and Egypt in Israel's War Crimes. I hope to finish it this weekend. Israel could not pull off this horrific crime without help from others. Of course we all know about the assistance Israel receives from the US and the EU, but what about the role of Arab governments? Clearly there are many people in the Arab world that wished to see the destruction of Hamas and are happy to allow Israel to do the job for them. Of course they cry out that they support the People of Gaza, but they don't lift a finger to stop the massacre.

This is the sad Truth. The situation is not unlike Spain in the 1930's when many governments backed the Fascists in order to eliminate the Communists. Politicians don't care how many people must die to achieve their political objectives. Like Pontius Pilate, they have blood on their hands. And no matter how many lies they say, they cannot wash the blood of the innocents from their hands. The people on the streets understand this - whether it is the Arab streets or the streets of Europe. When will we be able to take the power out of the hands of those who abuse it for their own gain?


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