Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama resurrects the farce of a 2-state solution

Right on queue the Obama puppet comes out to declare that "Israel has the right to defend itself". In a statement right from the AIPAC playbook, Obama harshly criticizes Hamas while offering no criticism of Israel.

[See video of Obama delivering his statement here.]

Will the US punish Israel for violating its agreements with the regards to the use of US military equipment? No. Will the US stop sending aid to Israel? No. Does the US seek punishment of Israel for committing war crimes? No. And what do the Gazans who suffered at the hands of the brutal Israelis get? A few words of sympathy.

In fact Israel will be rewarded. The Bush administration and Israel just signed a new deal last week that promises increased sharing of intelligence ostensibly to keep arms from entering Gaza. According to a report from AlJazeera the deal includes US cooperation in "monitoring of waterways". Does this mean the US is going to join Israel in the naval blockade of Gaza? Will the next "Free Gaza" shipment of medical supplies be blocked by a US warship?

And now Obama sends George Mitchell as a special envoy to resurrect the so-called "peace process". Given Obama's unconditional support of Israel this will be used by the Zionist once again as a smokescreen so that they can continue expanding their settlements, while at the sam time the world public is comforted by the false illusion that something is being done to help the Palestinians.

Oh please, haven't we seen this before? If the US really wanted to provide Israel with an incentive to reach a meaningful peace agreement then they would apply a stick to Israel, as they did to Iraq and as they are doing to Iran. As long as the US coddles Israel by providing protection in international bodies like the UN, Israel will continue its Zionist expansion in the occupied territories.

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Russ said...

I don't think the way to resolve an argument is to start off with pissing on one of parties leg.

Sally said...

Hello Frank,

Had you not left a comment elsewhere with request for info and your url, I would never have landed here.

Yours is exactly the perspective I have been looking for, namely from a "social justice" point of view. You have an eloquence that allows your humanity to come across, and I have enjoyed reading through your archived posts. You have written so many outstanding articles, I cannot isolate one or two to illustrate what it is I like about your blog, other than to say "all of it!"

For me it is not a matter of left or right-wing, socialist, centrist, neoliberal, and so on, viewpoints. Those are limiting and divisive.

The MSM is wholly unpalatable for me, and I have no time for DN either. The internet is my sole source for news and commentary.

I consider the Zionist ideology to be the most malevolent history has known, culminating in this latest Holocaust in Gaza, with the vengeful virulence of the Israelis arrogantly on display. I hope I live to see the whole of Palestine restored as a single-state entity with its Christian and Muslim Palestinian diaspora.

And now we have a new administration that is at least as dangerous as the last. The background of the appointees Obama has makes for chilling reading.

We may have advanced technologically, but psychologically it seems we've regressed.

Sally said...
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Sally said...


Just to let you know that the article you read on the Palestine In Words blog was written by Ben White in the UK Guardian, and not authored by the blogger. Within Ben White's article are links to references he has used.

Here's the link to the original article:

Frank Hope said...

Dear Sally,

Thanks so much for your wonderful comment. This is the highest praise I have ever received for my blog. I hope I don't disappoint you in the future :)

I'm sure you have been politically active in the past and learned through experience that all political movements are corrupted in some way or another. So I don't participate in party politics, but I still feel the need to express my deep rooted desire for Social Justice. This blog has been an outlet for me to express myself.

Politics is by its nature divisive and I'm sure that you and I would not agree on all topics, but at least we can agree on the inherent value of all human life. Perhaps our founders expressed it the best when they said, "We hold these truths to be self evident. That all men are created equal."

I share your dream of a single state in Palestine and your assessment of modern life. I too have turned to the internet for my sole source of news. Which is why I think the most important right that we need to protect today is not the "right to bear arms", but the "right to bear blogs"! Just look at how China has reacted to the internet with censorship and you can see what a threat it is to centralized state power.

See my related articles:

Constitutional Amendment for Free Internet

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Peace, Life, Liberty and Happiness,

P.S. Thanks for the link to the Ben White article. And don't give up on Democracy Now! Recently I've noticed a huge improvement in their coverage of Gaza. I like to think that somehow through the aether they heard my comments and have responded.

I can also recommend another Pacifica radio show, Flashpoints.