Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Abbas outed by his Israeli 'friends'

"With friends like these who needs enemies?" That is what Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas must be thinking. But if the truth be told, Abbas is well deserving of the criticism he is receiving from his Israeli allies.

As Abbas tries to squirm and wriggle his way out of his current crisis, it becomes ever more apparent that the P.A. President has been caught up in his own web of deceit. In his obsession to destroy his rivals Hamas he teamed up with the Palestinian people's enemies.

This became glaringly obvious when Abbas attempted to squash the Goldstone Report at the United Nations. As Abbas' credibility plummeted, his backers in the US and Israel attempted to prop him back up. But as this only caused him to be the target of more contempt among his own people, he attempted to revive his image by striking out on his own.

He then engaged in a series of moves designed to portray him as being independent from his Zionist handlers. Israel however was not amused by this show of independence by its puppet. The always outspoken Israeli Foreign Minister Avidgor Lieberman took the lead in attacking Abbas.
"During Operation Cast Lead the PA pressed us to crush Hamas, and then, a month later, they filed complaints against us at the International Criminal Court at The Hague,"
In one fell swoop Lieberman exposed the complicity between Abbas' and the Israeli government, and denounced him as a hypocrite. In so doing he confirmed the rumors that Abbas had encouraged the Israeli attacks on Gaza and that the plan was for the P.A. to "ride into Gaza on the backs of Israeli tanks."

(Of course Israel and the US are not alone in backing the Vichy government of the Palestinian Authority. The EU and Egypt have also joined in on this betrayal of the Palestinian people.)

As world opinion turns against the Israeli occupiers following the blatant massacre of innocent civilians in Gaza, the Zionist's attacks on their detractors becomes ever more shrill. The latest to receive a public lashing by the International Jewish Lobby is Human Rights Watch.

And of course Judge Richard Goldstone has not been spared, even though he is a fellow Jew and a self-proclaimed Zionist. But he has broken the unwritten law that no Jew is allowed to publicly criticize another Jew. And as such he is being treated as a pariah by the worldwide Jewish community.

Surely he could not have expected anything less. Yet somehow he seems genuinely surprised by the personal nature of the attacks that have been hurled against him.

In fairness, not all Jews or Jewish organizations have joined in this attack. And some brave Jewish voices have even been raised in public support of Judge Richard Goldstone. But the unwritten code of solidarity is well known and understood, and certainly he is not receiving much sympathy for his perceived betrayal of his own people.

But let us never forget the true victims, who are the Palestinian people. Whose lives have been sacrificed for no reason. Who have been living in a perpetual punishment ever since the creation of the state of Israel. And if they dare to defend themselves, they are labeled "terrorists".

But who strikes with overwhelming force and who responds with whatever meager weapons are at their disposal in their defense? Who are the terrorists and who are the victims? How many more Palestinian lives must be sacrificed before Justice is carried out?

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