Monday, November 16, 2009

Pakistan is Israel's booby prize


I was listening to Scott Horton's interview of Eric Margolis on Anti-War Radio and I was so struck by a quote from Margolis that I felt compelled to write this post. Here is the quote which appears at 14:20 in the interview.
"Most Pakistanis believe that Washington is trying to destroy Pakistan and tear it apart as a way of getting at its nuclear weapons. And of undermining an important Muslim state. And that this is being done primarily at the behest of Israel."
While Margolis goes on to say that he does not share this view. I for one think this is a highly plausible explanation for what is going on in Pakistan.

War on Islam

Attack Iran, Bomb Iran, Invade Iran.

This has been Israel's mantra for years. At the most recent AIPAC convention Iran was the number one topic on the agenda. What Israel and AIPAC have been given instead is a sort of Islamic booby prize - Pakistan.

Iran is Islamic and it is developing nukes; Pakistan is Islamic and it has nukes. Iran borders Afghanistan and Iraq; Pakistan borders Afghanistan and Iran.

While no American or Israeli bombs are exploding over Iranian territory, bombs aplenty are raining down on Pakistan. Muslims are dying and even fighting each other, and this is the ultimate goal of the neocon monsters embedded in the US government to do Israel's bidding - to divide and conquer Islam. It is the Balkanization of any Muslim country that is seen as a threat to Israel.

Hillary Clinton promised Israel a war with Iran. When she couldn't deliver, she opted for a war with Pakistan instead. Pakistan is Israel's consolation prize.

With the CIA already controlling a large part of the Pakistani military it was relatively easy to get Pakistan to launch an invasion on it's own people - plunging Pakistan into a bloody civil war. The perfectly predictable radicalization of conservative Muslim elements in Pakistan has resulted in a wave of bomb attacks against government targets. The total destabilization of the country of Pakistan has begun.

Happy Israel?

And the US is poised to seize control of Pakistan's nukes if it deems that they are at risk of falling into the hands of Israel's enemies.

Of course India is in on this as well. And China, which is sitting on the sidelines, will probably end up being one of the biggest beneficiary of this instability in Pakistan. And the biggest loser? The Pakistani people of course, but next in line are the American people.

The invisible war

"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

It is not just through nuclear weapons that America destroys worlds. The destruction can happen just as effectively through the spiritual world as through the physical world. An invisible spiritual nuclear war is being waged on the native civilizations of the planet.

Islam is the one part of the world that has not fallen under the direct control of the International Bankers. They have steadfastly refused to modernize and to become totally dependent on the financial infrastructure of the "civilized" world. They have refused to allow free access to the filthy rotten propaganda that streams continuously from Hollywood and the rest of the western media.

What is to be done? They are not seduced by the western Jezebel. The alternative is to unleash the military might of the west upon them. To physically destroy what could not be destroyed through propaganda. To crush their culture so that they will become enslaved and totally dependent on the outside western world.

Then like so many other denigrated cultures throughout the world, they will follow the predictable descent down the path of violence and drugs - the inevitable result of a culture crushed and cast aside by the imperial Juggernaut.

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