Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Digging and digging

What a day! Obama spoke today at AIPAC and came out sounding like a Neocon. Our ad hoc crew of diggers went to work. We mobilized around an article titled "Obama to eliminate Iran". The comments were flying fast and furious and by the time the day was over we achieved a small victory. The post was enshrined on the front page of digg with over 700 diggs and almost as many comments, which is a phenomenal digg/comment ratio!

(Click on the fuzzy images for the full resolution jpegs.)

Another battle raged over an article posted on digg by YellowCakeWalk titled "How Israeli Activists Cheat on Digg: In their own words". This was an even tougher battle as the pro-Israel crowd jumped all over this one. But eventually we won another small victory here as the post made it to the front page as well with over 400 diggs and over 300 comments. Again, a phenomenal digg/comments ratio!

Congratulations diggers for a job well done!

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