Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Chinese authorities fighting losing battle against Parents of Earthquake Victims

Once again, FNT (Future News Today) lives up to its name. On May 30, I posted the following in an article titled "Ancient wisdom; Tibet, China, and the earthquake".

In China, there are some parallels with the current situation. The loss of life of many Chinese children has been attributed to the poor quality of construction of the schools in the area. This has been blamed on corruption. In this case corruption directly led to the loss of the most precious gift life has to offer. Will the parents hold Chinese government officials accountable for their actions?
Today the WSJ (Wall Street Journal has an article titled "China Continues Clamp Down on Protests" describing how Chinese parents have begun protesting the corruption which led to the death of so many Chinese children. I can tell you that these protests will not be silenced. Chinese parents are totally devoted to their children, and even threats of punishment and jail will not deter them.

Even in death the memory of Chinese loved ones is cherished. Their parents will do anything and risk anything to honor them. How long will it take the Chinese authorities to realize they are fighting a losing battle?

Strange, that the government does not seem to understand its own culture. This is how far out of touch they are with reality.

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Anonymous said...

i think you don't get it.
the protest has been happening for several days now and second the government has already promised the investigation. third there were local officials there calming the parents but they wouldn't listen to him.
finally what else do you expect the government to do? find the criminals in one day? also what's the priority at the moment? saving the lives of the survivors or investigations?