Thursday, June 5, 2008

Clinton gives up race in exchange for Obama's allegiance to Israel Lobby

Was their a quid pro quo? Did Clinton give up her fight for the Democratic presidential nomination in exchange for Obama's speech in front of AIPAC endorsing her policies on Iran and the Middle East? (Which are just the Israel Lobby's policies.)

Did Clinton delay her concession speech in order to avoid appearances of a deal? Did she want to wait a few days to make sure that Obama would not back off from some of his more belligerent statements in front of AIPAC like the endorsement of all of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel? (Which is in violation of the existing peace talks.)

Was Obama angry at Lieberman because he was still attacking him, even after he had struck a backroom deal that he would endorse all AIPAC positions in exchange for them calling off the dogs?

Answer to all of the above, YES.

Personally the only thing that will restore my confidence in Obama is if he selects Wes Clark to be his Vice President. This would say more than any words what he thinks about the neocons and their policies. If Obama selects anyone that is in anyway connected with the Israel Lobby, then the message is clear. Obama is another puppet of the government of Israel.

Quote from Clinton in front of AIPAC, "And let me be very clear. I know Senator Obama will be a good friend to Israel."

We need to declare independence from Israel, just as we declared independence from Great Britain when they tried to suck us dry of our resources, and tax us to support their wars, and draft our men to fight for them.

AIPAC doesn't need to assassinate Obama now. Obama made a deal with the devil and sold his soul to them instead.

Does he collect his 30 pieces of silver for betraying the American People now, or after he becomes President?

Carville was wrong! Richardson wasn't the Judas, it's Obama. How appropriate that he should sell out in front of AIPAC.

And before I get the typical blood libel response, I wonder how many Zionists were screaming blood libel when Carville made his comments?

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