Thursday, June 5, 2008

Is Obama too tough on Iran?

Obama obviously didn't take my advice on his speech to AIPAC. He decided to play the macho game, and out pro-Israel McCain. Make no mistake about it, this is a very dangerous game.

Statements like "The danger from Iran is grave, it is real, and my goal will be to eliminate this threat," spoken before an AIPAC audience will only be interpreted one way by the more hawkish elements in the Bush administration - as an endorsement of Bush's policies on Iran.

By coming out in favor of a get tough policy on Iran, Obama has effectively given Bush the green light to bomb Iran. Why should he wait when both presidential candidates have come out strongly in favor of a policy of militarily confronting Iran?

Cheney has had his itchy finger on the trigger for some time now. And by now it's clear who really runs the White House. His recent visit to the Middle East was seen by many as preparation for a strike on Iran. For months now the U.S. Navy has had multiple carrier fleets in the area. Then there was the resignation of Admiral Fallon that many saw as an ominous sign.

For a while I had grown optimistic that the Bush years were waning and that he would not be able to find a sufficient justification for launching an attack on Iran before leaving the White House. The only thing stopping him was opposition from the Democratic Party. But now with Obama's speech, the stars have suddenly shifted and come into perfect alignment for a launch of thousands of cruise missiles.

What will be the world reaction to such an unprovoked lethal strike? What will happen to gasoline prices in the aftermath? How will Iran retaliate? Will the Saudis and other Arab states accept such an action? Will there be an attempt by terrorists to attack American assets? Will the nation go on a high terrrorism alert?

And finally, what will be the reaction of the American People? Will the majority of Americans support such an action? How will the media cover the story? Will KO have a special commentary? Will there be protests, or will a new wave of patriotism sweep across the land like in the early days of the Iraq War?

So many questions. And Obama, what will your reaction be? Is it really worth risking the lives of thousands of Iranian civilians to be able to say to your Republican opponent that you are just as "tough" on "terrorists" as he is? Once the dogs of war have been unleashed, there is no getting them back under control.

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