Friday, June 6, 2008

Is the U.S. a colony of Israel?

In a recent article I asked the question "Is Israel the 51st State?". The question I should have been asking is "Is the U.S. a colony of Israel?".

Just what is this special relationship between the U.S. and Israel?

What do you call a relationship where one country pays tribute to another? And where one country sends its men and women to fight to defend the interests of another?

Here I'm using the word tribute, in the sense of "a historical payment made periodically by one state or ruler to another, esp. as a sign of dependence", not "an act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration".

So what does this special relationship remind you of?

  • A vassal state? "A person or country in a subordinate position to another."As in a vassal state of the Roman empire.
  • A colony? "A country or area under the full or partial political control of another country, typically a distant one, and occupied by settlers from that country."
And don't be confused, it is not Israel which is a colony of the United States, it is the United States which is a colony of Israel. Just as we were once a colony of Great Britain.

We need to declare independence from Israel, just as we declared independence from Great Britain when they tried to suck us dry of our resources, and tax us to support their wars, and draft our men to fight for them.

Choosing a colonial Governor

At the AIPAC conference the candidates for the position of appointed colonial governor of the United States each gave a speech explaining why they would be the most able to maintain the "special relationship". We had John McCain saying that he would go to war for Israel at the drop of a hat, and Hillary Clinton proclaiming how much she loved Israel.

But the clear winner was Barack Obama who promised to deliver the allegiance of the American people that have flocked to his message of "change", while maintaining the illusion of an independent United States of America.

More questions that the American People should be asking?
  • Was Mossad behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and why?
  • Was Mossad behind the assasination of Robert F. Kennedy. and why?
  • When did this "special relationship" begin?
  • How does the destruction of the US economy help Israel to maintain this "special relationship"?
  • What can the American people do to "Declare Independence" from Israel?


Anonymous said...

May God help USA.

We need a federation of Israel-Plaestine soon with one man one vote. We can't waste more time defending the Israeli's foolishness attacking another country. Iraq war was started by Israel Lobby; we are the one who is paying for the war by our blood and money.

Anonymous said...

America, best government money can buy.

No, but really it is. This is oversimplified. We have similar if not identical arrangements with a lot of countries (Taiwan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, India, etc) Its just that Isreal has the best intelligence in the world and therefor are capable of highest bid/lobby.

Anonymous said...

the usual madness postIsrael wanted to bomb Iran nuke sites,US said NO. and they didn't. We send Israel lots of money. We send Egypt a huge amount, the country 2nd in line for our largesse. Why not mention them?

If Iasrael is in charge of Us, then Saudi Arabia, Iran et al in charge of Palestinians.

Frank Hope said...


I have reported your comment as spam. If you want to comment on the article that is fine, but I will report any spam comments. I am leaving the comment up for a brief period to allow Blogger a chance to investigate. After that the comment will be deleted.

Frank Hope said...

@anonymous January 21, 2009 comment

You are either ignorant of the facts or being disingenuous. The aid sent to Egypt (2nd largest after Israel) is essentially a bribe paid by the US as a result of the Camp David agreement to keep them from criticizing Israel. So really you can just add this up with the aid we send Israel. This is just another cost that the US taxpayer must bear in order to satisfy the demands of the Israel Lobby.