Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Obama, where art thou?

Obama denounces his own minister that married him and baptized his children, then abandons his own church. What next? Will he divorce his own wife for controversial remarks she has made in the past?

When will Obama develop a backbone and stand up for what he believes in? It's not worth becoming President of the United States if this is the price you have to pay, but I don't believe it is. If Obama would show some leadership and stop capitulating to every right wing attack, then maybe his supporters would back him up.

But when he quickly abandons anyone in his campaign that says anything at all controversial, even if it's true, then his loyal supporters not surprisingly quickly follow suit. And in the end there will be little left of substance to this campaign.

We're gradually going from "change we can believe in" to "change, what change?" There was never a huge difference in policy between Obama and Clinton, and there is a shrinking difference between Obama and McCain.

A case in point is the issue of talking to enemies, such as Iran and Syria. Early in the campaign in one of the debates, Obama forcefully stated the case for dialogue at the highest level with our adversaries. But under attack from McCain and the conservative press, Obama has significantly backed off from that opinion.

Yet according to an article on boston.com a new Gallup poll "found that 67 percent of Americans support the president meeting with leaders of countries considered US enemies; 79 percent of Democrats think so, as do 70 percent of independents. Only a slight majority of Republicans, 51 percent, oppose such talks."

Obama, where art thou?

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