Saturday, May 17, 2008

AIPAC targets Obama for Assassination

Make no mistake about it. Agents of AIPAC and the Israel Lobby are targeting Obama for assassination. Most recently Huckabee gave a graphic description of Obama in the crosshairs. Previously Hillary has been dropping hints that something catastrophic might happen to Obama.

These "dog whistles" are intended to motivate some psychotic individual to action. Think of Son of Sam or John Lennon's assassin. These people heard voices. AIPAC is hoping to reach them through their public campaign to target Obama. Let's call them the Manchurian Candidates. If that doesn't work then AIPAC will hire someone or setup some patsy like JFK's assassin.

AIPAC demands 100% obedience from its slaves in the Congress and White House. Anyone that steps out of line is immediately punished in the harshest way to set a public example and send a message to the rest that no insubordination will be tolerated.

Even though Obama has toed the AIPAC line with his votes in Congress, he has dared to suggest that Iran is anything less than the new Hitler. This brought sharp criticism from AIPAC agent President Bush in front of the Knesset.

AIPAC's campaign against Obama is intensifying.

  • First there was the "Hussein" email campaign
  • Then the Farrakhan smear
  • Then the Reverend Wright smear
  • The 3 AM, not experienced campaign
  • The unpatriotic smear
  • The "elite" campaign
  • Now the traitor to US smear, disguised as appeasement
AIPAC agent Hillary Clinton was assured that these smear campaigns targeted at Obama would topple him from the Presidential race, but none of them have worked so far. Now may be the time for the nuclear option. AIPAC will not allow a U.S. president to be elected that they cannot control 100%.

However, make no mistake about it, Obama has done AIPAC's bidding in Congress. Also, his official position paper on Israel and the Palestinians appears to have been written by AIPAC agents. The main areas where he is in conflict with AIPAC are the War in Iraq and relations with Iran.

But ask any congressman who has opposed AIPAC on any legislation and you will find that anything less than 100% agreement with AIPAC is considered unacceptable. These people are targeted by AIPAC. There campaign funding dries up; the funds go to their opponents. They are subjected to smear campaigns by the Israel Lobby and their agents.

The War in Iraq is an AIPAC war. The Iraq War is not a war for oil. It is a war of expansion in the Middle East to support the goals of those Israelis that seek a Greater Israel in the Middle East. If we do not stop this corrupting influence on American politics, it will destroy our society.


John Rivera said...

There is no question that the Israeli lobby/neocons are behind attempts to destroy Obama's candidacy. We need to be vigilant against those who would keep us in chains.

Frank Hope said...

The thing to notice is how Hillary coordinated her attacks with McCain. This indicates the source of the attacks is a 3rd party. My belief is that AIPAC is the source of those attacks.

Shady said...

I believe they will try to do it
and i believe they will try to destroy him with every single way available for them - so many to count-
they will use their first weapon "money"
and then try their sec. "media"
and then they will go to their last "assassination"

but in the same time .. i still believe that God will save him

Obama is the real hope
not only for better USA
but for sure for a better WORLD

Frank Hope said...

I agree with shady that Obama has a certain aura about him. His opponents in past campaigns have all fallen upon bad luck. I fully expect him to win this Presidential campaign.

I believe that Obama has a great opportunity to stand up to the Israel Lobby. If he does this then he will truly be a great American President. If he does not stand up to the AIPAC and the neo-cons, then he will suffer the same fate as George Bush.

The book "The Israel Lobby" points out that Bush tried to stand up to Sharon on various occasions, but the neo-cons within his own administration such as Elliot Abrams thwarted his intentions. This led to the comment that Sharon had Bush "wrapped around his little finger" by Brent Scowcroft.

Let's hope that Obama has the courage to do the right thing. He will need all of us to push him in the right direction, and then to support him when the inevitable charges of anti-Semitism come. (Much as people continued to support Clinton after the Monica Lewinsky scandal.)

There will be plenty of smear campaigns coming from the Israel Lobby. It doesn't take a crystal ball to make that prediction.