Friday, May 30, 2008

Is Israel the 51st state?

Listening to the candidates talk about undying loyalty to the "Jewish State" would certainly give that impression. You get the feeling that there would be a more virulent reaction to an attack on Israel than there would be to an attack on Hawaii. After all HRC has openly called for "obliterating" Iran for a hypothetical attack on Israel and Obama refuses to take any options off the table.

If Israel is in fact the virtual 51st state, shouldn't it be following US laws? In the US there is freedom of religion. How does the concept of a "Jewish State" fit in with that ideal?


St. Michael Traveler said...

Nation the Federal State of Israel-Palestine

We have had 60 years of experimenting about the Israeli- Palestinian struggle. The region would need help before we will be dragged into a World War III.

The basis for Israeli claim to the region is that once there were Semitic Jewish tribes who formed a state before rise of Assyrian Empire. This state was controlled by Syria, Persian Empire, Greece, Romans, Arabia, Turkish, France and England. The population later became mostly Muslim. Jews mostly left the region during the period of 2000 years.

The United Nations created Israel after the World War II on the land settled mostly by Muslims and Christians.

Thus, those who had lived in the region for 2000 years had to be displaced to create space for Zionist invaders. The act created struggle between Israel and the original population.

We should be looking at the region as a Federal States with one government elected by all of the people. As one nation the region may have a much better chance of peace.

Frank Hope said...

I visited St. Michael's blog and found a post where he contemplated Israel becoming a literal state of the USA. I've never heard that suggested before and of course as he admits, this would never happen.

The 2 state solution will never happen simply because Israel has no intention of letting it happen.

That leaves the 1 state solution. This is what Carter refers to as Apartheid. In Carter's view Peace is the 2 state solution. But as I have said that will never happen. So by extension according to Carter there is no hope of ever achieving Peace.

Well at least if we set realistic expectations then the US can set some realistic policies that will be beneficial to the US, not just Israel.