Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hillary sends "dog whistle" to potential Obama assassins

Hillary's latest statements about why she is staying in the campaign saying that something might still happen to Obama that would change the results can only mean one thing. She is expecting Obama to be assassinated.

Remember when she said she was still in the race because he hadn't been vetted. Then she launched the kitchen sink. Vetted is a code word meaning that an AIPAC smear campaign is coming.

Now she is using more code, but this time it means the ultimate weapon is about to be employed. The one they used against JFK, RFK, and MLK. Next target is BHO.

Potential Obama assassins have received the "dog whistle" signal broadcast via the media. You didn't hear it because it wasn't intended for your ears, but to those in tune with this message it is loud and clear. Their ears have perked up and they are going about in preparation to complete this mission.

Wonder why Obama didn't campaign in West Virginia? No doubt there were strong rumors that an assassination attempt in WV was a strong possibility. Do you remember what happened to Rabin when he got to cozy with the PLO?

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