Monday, May 26, 2008

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As I mentioned earlier, I have turned my attention from my blog to Digg. Here's my main profile page:
From there you can check out my latest article submissions to Digg:
And read my latest comments:

Many of my previous blog posts here and especially on MyBarackObama (before I got kicked out) consisted of excerpts from articles interspersed with my comments. Digg provides an excellent platform on which to do just this. It took me a while to get comfortable with the format, but I now see this as a powerful tool for providing instant uncensored commentary to the current news.

Digg is democracy in action. For example when a Fox news commentator joked about killing Osama and Obama, I dugg it right away. I added a comment to the digg post with a link to my blog post titled AIPAC targets Obama for Assassination. By the next day over 7,000 people had dugg the Fox news article, and at least 90 people had dugg my related post. That's 90 people that say they have strongly agreed at least in part with the subject of my post. That doesn't count the number of people that may have read the post. This is a much larger and more diverse audience than I could have ever hoped for at MyBarackObama.

Even my comment to the Fox story caused quite a stir and got over 80 diggs.
(link to comment)
Here's the text of that comment:

Yeah, well. I told you so...
This woman is another Israel Lobby stooge in the media. She wrote an article in the Washington Times calling Mel Gibson's movie The Passion anti-Semitic. That's right, the Bible is anti-Semitic.

According to her bio on the Fox News website she taught Journalism at Stern College of Yeshiva University. Would you like to take a journalism class from a woman that thinks it's appropriate to joke about assassinating the likely next President of the United States?
And yes I did "shamelessly" promote my own article as was pointed out by one of the replies. But what's wrong with that? :)

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