Thursday, May 22, 2008

Obama, the appeaser

No I'm not talking about appeasing Iran, I'm talking about appeasing Israel.

Quote from NY Times article titled "Many Florida Jews Express Doubts on Obama".

“The people here, liberal people, will not vote for Obama because of his attitude towards Israel,” Ms. Weitz, 83, said, lingering over brunch.

“They’re going to vote for McCain,” she said.
My advice to Obama... Dump the Jewish vote! They are never going to support you anyway. They are racists to the core. Look at how they treat the Palestinians.

By supporting Zionism you lose the independent vote that wants to see a real change in American politics. The most corrupting influence in American politics today is the Israel Lobby. Obama says he is fighting against lobbyist, but when it comes to the biggest lobby of them all he has sold out.

Follow the example of Ron Paul and stand up to AIPAC, the neo-cons, Israel, and the Israel Lobby. How does it feel to have Bush denounce you in front of a cheering Knesset? Haven't you gotten the message yet?

These people are the ones behind the "Hussein" smear campaign. They have Hillary Clinton and John McCain doing their dirty work for them. If you want to connect with working class White Americans, then stand up for them. We want a President that will defend the interests of America, not the interests of Israel.

Stop the War in Iraq. Stop the War with Iran. Stop the settlements. Stop the aid to Israel. Tear down the wall in the West Bank.

By doing these things, you will restore America's economy and our prestige throughout the world. You will make friends with the Arabs and the Muslims. You will reduce the threat of terrorism.

Stop backing Israel and Israel's policies. If Israel wants a War with Iraq then let it send its own sons and daughters to fight and die there. And stop supporting Israel's military that uses our weapons to murder innocent children in Palestine.

It's time for a one state solution. The very idea of a Jewish State is a contradiction to everything America stands for. We are a nation that was founded on freedom of religion and equality for all. How can we support a state that only grants full rights to members of one religion?

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