Monday, May 26, 2008

My Digg posting on Lieberman goes viral

I just had a Digg posting go viral! Pretty exciting stuff. It's the first time any of my digg posts have become "popular". It's currently on the front page of, ranked at number 7!

Ooops. I just tried to upload an image of the digg front page, but got an error. I'll try later and update this post if successful.

Here's the post that I'm talking about.

"Veterans for Freedom" is a front for Joe Lieberman — At 1:20 Sen. Durbin exposes Veterans for Freedom as a front for Senators Lieberman and Graham who are on the Advisory Board. It is a 527 that produced an attack ad on Barack Obama. By law 527's are not allowed to advocate a particular candidate, only issues. Another Israel Lobby front exposed!

I wonder how much the reference to the Israel Lobby helped or hurt this post in making it popular? One thing is clear, Joe Lieberman is not a popular guy! :)

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