Thursday, May 15, 2008

Proposal: The Peace Lobby

I propose a Peace Lobby to counter the Israel Lobby. I prefer this name to the anti-Israel Lobby or pro-Palestinian Lobby, because it gives a much more positive and open image. By calling it the Peace Lobby we don't automatically turn off the intended audience before they have a chance to hear our message.

The Israel Lobby is the single most corrupting influence on American politics today. It has been the biggest proponent of the Iraq War and is now proposing a War with Iran. In order to counteract its pervasive influence on American politics we will need to unite to get our message across to the American people. This must begin with a grassroots movement since the Israel Lobby is so adept at pressuring the mass media into following their agenda. But they cannot pressure thousands of us working in unison from getting the word out through the internet. This can be done with a minimal budget. The biggest investment required is your time and commitment to this cause.

What is at stake? The lives of thousands of our young men and women in Uniform. The economic stability of the United States. The prestige of the American people around the world.

The Iraq War is not a war for oil. It is a war of expansion in the Middle East to support the goals of those Israelis that seek a Greater Israel in the Middle East. If we do not stop this corrupting influence on American politics, it will destroy our society.

Peace now!

Frank Hope

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